9 Ways to Exercise at the Mall

By Maire,

holiday shopping exercise

When winter hits and walking outside becomes too cold for comfort, it can be too easy to skip exercise and curl up on the couch to weather winter. Not so fast: With this easy (and free) mall exercise plan, you can continue to walk off weight all winter long. Even if you’re not a mall rat, you’ll find that if you time it right and do the proper moves, you can get fit in the same place you shop. Here’s how to make it fun and effective. More

10 Heat-Related Workout Inflictions to Watch Out For

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summer heat workout tips

Right now, you’re probably dreaming of hot, steamy summer runs when you can head out the door clad in shorts and a sports bra. The problem: The heat of summer puts added stress on your body. “Don’t expect to run the same ‘fast’ times in 80 to 100-degree temperatures—your rate of perceived exertion will be significantly higher,” warns Marni Sumbal, R.D., owner of TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition.

Why You Need a Fitness Accountability Partner

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What if we told you that you could reach your fitness goals with a higher success rate, faster, and without as many detours? What if we said the solution was simple and only required doing one thing? Wouldn’t you be hanging on my every word? More

Fit Radio Success Story – Meet Breena Martinez

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Breena Martinez is a two-time Olympia Bold Building Qualifier and three-time IFBB Pro Bikini champion. She has recently qualified for her 3rd Olympia earlier this year. Read how this competitive athlete and professional fitness director uses Fit Radio to reach her goals. More