As we all know, technology can be extremely temperamental! Here are some easy solutions that almost always fix the problems our users come across.

Not able to get past the upgrade screen or Not seeing your Premium Account?

If you’ve upgraded to Premium, but your account still shows that it is free, you may be logging into the wrong account. Make sure you are logging into the account you Upgraded. If you’d like for us to merge two accounts for you (an email and your facebook account), just email us and ask! We’ll be happy to help!

If you’re stuck on the upgrade screen, and in the correct account and purchased through apple, please try the following steps.
From the upgrade screen try selecting “More Options”
Then “Already a premium member”
And finally “Restore Apple Purchase”
Signin with your iTunes account (not your FitRadio Login) to attempt to re-validate your purchase and attach it to your account.

Also, if you’re still having problems with your Premium account, email us at Be sure to include your receipt from Apple or Google so save time!

How do I redeem my Premium Upgrade Code from LivingSocial or Groupon?

Click here for instructions.

I purchased an offer through Amazon Payments but don’t see my upgrade.

Simple, visit the page below, log in to your account and enter your order number from your email receipt from Google.

Make sure you have the newest version of the app.

Always, always, always check for updates. We are working hard to continuously put out new updates of the app that improve your user experience while adding new and exciting features, so be sure to update whenever you can!

If at first you don’t succeed, Uninstall then Reinstall the app.

This works 98% of the time. By deleting the app from your phone it clears your cache. For iPhone, hold down the home button until the apps on your phone start to shake. Then, simply click the X next to the FIT Radio App. For Android, go to: settings > applications > FIT Radio > uninstall

Getting a “Slow Network” warning?

This means exactly what it says, the network is taking longer than expected to get a response, either due to very slow data or temporarily no data at all. The network and internet speeds can vary greatly based on Location, Time of day, Hopes and Dreams and we’ve heard it all. Cell data doesn’t work, wifi doesn’t work, I can’t listen in my basement, etc. The best advice here is to try again from a different location, different network, restarting the phone, restarting routers, etc. Usually changing one of the items on the network will resolve the issues.

Can’t login?

The only reason this will ever happen is from a typo in your email or password when you registered for an account OR a typo when trying to login. Double check what you typed when logging into your account. If the problem persists, try “Forgot Password”. If you do not receive an email, this is because it went to the spam folder or you made a typo when entering your email address when registering. If this is the case, you can create a new account or email us at

Too much Buffering?

First, make sure you have the newest version of FIT Radio. We just completely rebuilt our apps so they can stream when you need it most: in those poor signal areas. Second, try using the app over wifi and see how it works. Buffering problems are usually related to your service strength.

Want to turn Explicit Mixes ON / OFF?

  1. Open the FIT Radio app
  2. Sign IN
  3. Click on the menu button at the top left
  4. Make sure it says Explicit OFF or “Hear Explicit Mixes: NO”

Want to turn ads, sweepers, or motivational quotes ON / OFF?

If you are a Premium user, you have the ability to turn ON/OFF any ads, sweepers, or motivational drops within FIT Radio. (Ads = prompts to upgrade to Premium, Sweepers = drop that says “You are listening to FIT Radio”, Motivation = motivational / inspirational quotes)

How to turn these ON/OFF:

Android Users: 

  1. Open the FIT Radio app on your android device
  2. Login to your Premium Account
  3. Select the menu button at the top left
  4. Look for the section that shows your Ad Preferences
  5. Uncheck anything you do not wish to hear

iOS Users: 

  1. Open the FIT Radio app on your iOS device
  2. Login to your Premium Account
  3. Select the menu button at the top left
  4. Select the Edit Profile Button
  5. Look for the section titled “Voiceover Drops”
  6. Uncheck anything you do not wish to hear

Website Users:

  1. Pull up on a computer (not your mobile device)
  2. Login to your Premium Account
  3. Select My Account at the top right
  4. Go to Profile
  5. Look for the section that shows your Ad Preferences
  6. Uncheck anything you do not wish to hear
  7. To make this transfer to your mobile device, force close the FIT Radio mobile app and reopen it. Then, log into your Premium account.