Fit Radio Success Story – Meet Sophia P.

My name is Sophia Perez.  When I help my clients, I make sure they download the Fit Radio app. I’m a huge dog lover and I spend most of my time outdoors playing with them. I have 3 dogs who live with me and my husband in Austin, Texas. I’m obsessed with the music scene, laid-back atmosphere, and the amazing running trails near the lake in Austin.


I joined the fitness community about 2 years ago because I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. When I reached 193 lbs at 5’4 I knew I needed to do something. I needed a good playlist to help motivate me and had no luck making my own. I came across Fit Radio and my workout didn’t feel like a workout. It was fun!

Who doesn’t like listening to their favorite music? It soon became a habit. I eventually found myself addicted to fitness. I soon became a holistic health and life coach. Now, I help people who need to get out of their rut and into the gym and find a healthier, manageable, and permanent lifestyle change.

Working out for the 1st time can be overwhelming and the last thing we need to worry about is music. We all dance in our cars, or at home when cleaning…that’s the kind of fun that Fit Radio gives my clients.

My clients have made Fit Radio a part of their normal workout routine. We utilize the HITT workout section of the app and the lifting station the most. My clients range from single people to married with children. The HITT workouts help squeeze a quick and effective workout into any busy schedule. My busy moms love it the most.

What I love most about Fit Radio is the variation of music. Sometimes, when I’m on the way to the gym, I tend to get in a funk. Especially after an hour of traffic, I just don’t feel like moving. As soon as I throw on Fit Radio my mood changes! When lifting heavy I listen to hip hop/rap. Cardio days I need fast-paced and upbeat music other days I mediate with lounge music. Fit Radio meets my many workout moods.

I love DJ Ammunition! He gets me pumped. I like that I’m able to bookmark the mixes that I like most. It makes it easier to find when I want to hear a specific mix. My favorite coach would have to be between SISSFit and Bianca. They both keep me going and just when I’m about to slow down they pop on my headphones reminding me that I can complete the workout. My little motivational angels! (Ha Ha!)

Follow along with my fitness journey on Instagram at So_phierce!