Fit Radio DJ Spotlight: Monopoli

We had a chance to catch up with Fit Radio DJ, Monopoli to ask him a few questions about his all-time favorite DJ moments, where he draws inspiration, and his process for creating the perfect Fit Radio mix. (We also learned some interesting things about him along the way…) Here’s what he had to say.

DJ Name


Instagram Handle
Where are you located?
New York City
What’s one word to describe your mixing style?
Where is the coolest place you’ve ever spun?
Aboard the largest cruise ship in the world – Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas.
When I create a mix for Fit Radio I always _________. *
I try to think about creating a final product that will motivate, inspire, and energize you through your workouts.
Share a fun/random fact about yourself.
I didn’t start DJ’ing OR working out consistently until college.
Learn more about Monopoli and listen to his latest Fit Radio mixes here.
Fit Radio DJ Monopoli