What’s up? It’s me – Coach Dee Free

Hey #FitRadioFam it’s me #CardioCoach, Dee!


I pretended not to care about my weight, but inside it hurt deeply to witness the effects of my neglect. I developed a host of health issues along with depression and low self-esteem. But a scary trip to the emergency room and a string of embarrassing moments led to my epiphany. You see, I knew that losing weight was the hardest thing in the world (at least for me) because I had tried and failed so many times before. Then I realized that staying over-weight wasn’t any easier! Never being able to find anything attractive to wear, the constant judgments of society, and being tired all the time was not the definition of an “easy” life. I figured if I’m going to struggle, I might as well try to struggle for the positive. I remember people laughing at me when I told them “I’m going to lose 100 pounds.” That was then, and this is now. I’ve learned so much, way beyond just calories and aerobic routines. I’m talking about the REAL secrets to transformation. You’ll learn all about that during my coaching series *wink wink* It’s not such a  daunting task when you have “a coach that knows” the struggle first hand. So stop stressing about losing weight and relax! I got you, and if you work with me, I can get you to where you wanna go.



Although I’ve never met you (yet), I know this much…I love you.


Why can I say that? You are a fellow human being with infinite potential and the ability to make drastic changes. You reading this far proves that you have some level of commitment to making something positive happen in your life, and that is why I can say I LOVE YOU. The question is, do you love yourself ENOUGH to go through the inevitable battles, scars, and setbacks that naturally come with the process? If you don’t, you can learn how, and I am confident I can show you. I promise to keep it 100 with you because, although I’ve made mistakes and continued to make them, I’ve learned and believed you can learn from them as well. I hope you’re getting excited because I have a feeling something great is about to take place. Let’s get started and make some magic happen!


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It’s only the beginning.