Fit Radio Success Story: Linda O.

My name is Linda Otto and I’m an NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I work one on one with clients at a Powerhouse Gym in Michigan and occasionally teach classes (using Fit Radio mixes!). I’m 43 years old, married and have two kids.

My typical workout routine starts around 9am every day with 30-45 min of a HIIT session usually on the treadmill. I follow that with another 30-45 of lifting and resistance training, focusing on two-three muscle groups each day. I focus on compound moves, heaving lifting and speed/agility and power. 

When on the treadmill, I love the tread Cardio Coaching sessions, usually the medium or high intensity workouts. When outside, I like to cruise using a Top 40 or High Energy mix. I’ve also used the Stair Climber Cardio Coaching session and it was killer. When lifting, I listen to whatever mix I’m in the mood for. Sometimes its Hip Hop, or 80s or Rock. I JUST started using the Strength tab and am very impressed!

The biggest goal Fit Radio has helped me reach is improving on my 5K race time and getting a PR on my race on March 23rd of this year.  I race 1-2 5Ks per month and after running a 22:27 last March, I wasn’t able to PR after that. This past Winter, I was religious about using ALL the High Intensity and Hill climb tread Cardio Coaching sessions on Fit Radio and I’m positive that’s how I ran a 22:19 a few weeks ago. My goal is to break 22:00 min and I have three more 5k in the next two weeks! With that, my body fat percentage also dropped by 1.5%!

My favorite Fit Radio features are the Treadmill Cardio Coaching (I love Coach Bianca and SISSFiT!), being able to easily choose a type of mix and my personal list of favorite mixes. I can’t start my pull-ups until that High Energy beat kicks in pushes me to keep going.

My absolute favorite thing about Fit Radio is that there’s always something new available to help improve my workout. Just as I’m getting over a mix I’ve played a hundred times, another great one with the latest hits is featured. More Cardio Coaching sessions with more variety have been offered, the Strength tab with the videos is great (especially for beginners whom I’m always telling to get the damn app already!) and now the distance tracker! Fit Radio is never stale and makes fitness fun.  I used to coach at Orangetheory Fitness and I think the Fit Radio treadmill sessions are way better! (And hello? You can’t beat the price difference!)

My main goal for this year is to run a 21:59 or better 5K. My personal goals include become certified in nutrition and helping people with meal plans and prepping, traveling and moving.

My passion in life is to help others reach their fitness potential by finding a love for it. Moving our bodies isn’t a chore, it’s a privilege.  Having great music and coaches from Fit Radio makes it easy and enjoyable. No excuses.