Fit Radio DJ Spotlight: Jason Jani

We had a chance to catch up with Fit Radio DJ, Jason Jani to ask him a few questions about his all-time favorite DJ moments, where he draws inspiration, and his process for creating the perfect Fit Radio mix. (We also learned some fascinating things about him along the way…) Here’s what he had to say.

DJ Name: Jason Jani

Instagram Handle: @jasonjani

Where are you located? New Jersey

What’s ONE word to describe your mixing style? Energetic

Where is the coolest place you’ve ever spun? The Super Bowl LII afterparty for the Philadelphia Eagles

When I create a mix for Fit Radio I always ______. Think of how I can help people crush their workouts

Favorite show to binge watch? Impractical Jokers

Share a random/fun fact about yourself: I love buffalo sauce, and flying first class.

DJ Jason Jani