SISSFiT Partnership: A Killer Workout That Fits Your Schedule

SISSFiT Founders Lauren and Kelly Do It All

Lauren and Kelly are sisters, certified fitness trainers, sports models, and former Division 1 Track and Field athletes, and co-founders of SISSFit. Their extensive background in fitness and sports, in addition to a first-hand understanding of hectic and demanding careers, inspired them to research and create a more realistic and effective approach to everyday working out for people like them.

This goal is exactly what they built SISSFiT upon: their love of fitness but lack of time. Together they created short, intense workouts that will leave you dripping in sweat and feeling accomplished

These workouts began solely as a visual guide that users would have to print out and bring to the gym. While this was a great start, Kelly and Lauren soon noticed the amount of effort it took to download, print, and carry these guides around the gym. They were eager to find a solution to this since their goal was to increase efficiency for their users.


Lauren and Kelly’s fitness expertise, combined with FITRADIO’s curated playlists, gives fitness lovers a convenient way to get personalized fitness routines, form advice, coach inspiration, and incredible music playlists all in one place: the SISSFiT FASTER app.

The sisters both dreamed of creating an app, but didn’t know where to begin (especially with their busy schedules.) They also had a very specific vision for the structure, as their workout guides correlate with specific numbers and levels. FITRADIO was able to work alongside the sisters to create something that met all of their needs. They first started running their challenges through the FITRADIO app

After finding success with this, they received the greenlight to start development on their own app. What started as just a simple whitelabel eventually became a collaborative effort between the FITRADIO team and the sisters. The app successfully launched on February 27th, 2020.

What is FASTER by SISSFiT?

Receive audio-coached cardio (like being in your favorite group fitness class but for a fraction of the cost!) and video-led strength workouts from top trainers Lauren and Kelly. They live and breathe it, now they get to coach you through it! 

You can get the awesome music experience you’ve come to expect with FITRADIO as part of the SISSFiT app. With thousands of DJ mixes updated weekly, numerous genres to suit your mood, and playlists based on genre, BPM or activity type, customizing your workout has never been easier.

All the workouts are created without a pre-defined playlist which allows you to repeat any routine with a new playlist every time. This is great if you’ve found a workout that you love but don’t want the music to get stale.

“It’s incredible the way it’s set up: it allows the user to change the playlist every single time that they do the workout. For example, I’ve seen other apps record a treadmill workout, but it’s one playlist, so even if you love the workout you might hate the playlist and have no option to change it. That’s what’s so unique about this. Someone might be listening to Top 40, someone to EDM, and someone to Gospel Music– but they’re all getting the same killer workout.”  — Lauren

  • We’ve Got Killer Playlists: “It’s like bringing my favorite workout class with me wherever I go! The music and coaching is always fresh so I never get bored.” – Jon, International Investor
  • We’re Travel-friendly: These workouts have changed my life! With my unpredictable travel schedule, I never thought I’d find a consistent fitness routine until SISSFiT. No matter where I am I can always fit in a killer workout!” – Melissa, Commercial Airline Pilot
  • We Get You Back On Track: “Your coaching has gotten me back into the racing shape I was in during my college days with a fraction of the mileage! Thanks for getting this mama of two back into shape!” – Lauren B, former D1 athlete, mom of 2
  • We Don’t Waste Time: “Nothing burns through stress or provides a post-workout high like SISSFiT HIIT cardio. These workouts are my saving grace!” – Rebecca, Entrepreneur, mom of 4

Get Started With the 2-Week SISSFiT Holiday Challenge

SISSFiT is holding a 2-week Holiday Challenge from December 6-17th. This is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet and try out the 14-day free trial.

This challenge will feature their Tread & Shred program and includes three 60 min or less workouts per week. They will also be teaming up with Amber Brueseke from Biceps After Babies to provide valuable health/nutrition content two days per week, making this the ultimate health and fitness challenge (and it’s all free!)

This 14-day trial will let you experience everything SISSFiT has to offer. You can download the SISSFiT app on both the App Store and Google Play store.

Want to learn more about SISSFiT? Check out their website.Want to sign up for their 2-Week Holiday Challenge? Learn more here.