Honors Holdings, LL Music Director on FITRADIO Pro

FITRADIO is proud to partner with Honors Holding, LLC – Orangetheory Fitness. Ryan Tong, Director of Music at Honors Holding, understands that a successful gym needs these 3 elements to thrive: “a great location, a great coach, and a great playlist”.

Read on to hear how FITRADIO has helped Ryan take Honors Holding’s music experience to the next level.

Initial Partnership

“As a Head Coach that not only loves music but also prides himself on putting together the best playlists possible for each and every daily workout, our initial partnership with FITRADIO made me nervous. Ironically I was assigned as the Regional Music Director for the PNW when our ownership began the preliminary partnership.”

You see, the leadership from our ownership as well as the founders and design team members of Orangetheory have all taken my classes multiple times and the consensus was – this guy knows his music, we want him helping other coaches that aren’t as confident with their music. Also, to lead all coaches towards an effective and desired music composition rather than putting together a mix of their personal favorites and hitting play on Spotify.”

Taking Fitness to the Next Level

“So that leads me to today. I am now the Director of Music for Honors Holdings, LLC. – the largest franchisee of Orangetheory Fitness locations in the country. After the first few weeks of our partnership, I quickly found other like-minded music producers and DJs on the FITRADIO platform that understood the science behind the music – and that it takes more than Spotify’s Top 40 playlist to take fitness to the next level.

A great location, a great coach, and a great playlist are vital for the success of the business and more importantly the success of our members. Many studios have one or two of these, but the BEST have all three. 

My time working alongside FITRADIO already has me very confident that Honors Holdings, LLC will have success for a very long time to come!