Introducing FITRADIO PRO

What if we told you that after surveying over 7,000 members of gyms and studios, 95% said that music is just as important as fitness instruction or coaching in a class. Queue: FTIRADIO PRO.

You’ve put hundreds of hours or more into creating fitness content, your brand, and developing your member experience. 

But how much time do you dedicate to the music experience for your members? 

What if we told you that after surveying over 7,000 members of gyms and studios, 95% said that music is just as important as fitness instruction or coaching in a class.

Would you rely on coaches to create new playlists every week? Can the coach or staff member dedicate the time necessary? Does your playlist creator genuinely understand the music taste of your members? Are your members really happy with your music? How do you know? 

While you’ve put effort into your brand, content, and coaching, we’ve spent the last ten years working diligently to get one thing right: workout music. With over 15 thousand high-energy mixes, a team of coaches and DJs who work together on playlists curation, and data from hundreds of thousands of users, FITRADIO PRO is designed to put the best content for every class type at your fingertips.

While you may have heard of FITRADIO in the past, our PRO version has several key differences that address the pain points around the music experience for gyms and studios.

We’ve added more fitness-specific stations, DJs, and styles. These stations will receive the highest performing mixes in the country so that you can provide a higher quality music experience to your members. You’ll have thousands of mixes to keep your playlist fresh and your members energized each week. Additionally, we’ve licensed the service for commercial use, so unlike our personal service, Apple Music or Spotify, you can legally use FITRADIO PRO in your classes. 

FITRADIO PRO lets us solve your music issues, provide you with the content tested with members, gym & studio partners, and offer you a service that immediately enhances your member experience. 

So who wouldn’t want FITRADIO? I’ll tell you who. 

Introducing the Trainer/Coach/Performer, or TCP for short. The TCP is the coach who loves making their own playlists, enjoys being in control, and feels like they’re on stage when coaching. Don’t get us wrong; we LOVE the TCP, but there are a few things that we’ve learned from years of surveys, experience, and working with fitness professionals that we want the TCP to know. 

In the past, the TCP may have created a music experience that fits their style, but not all members. They get great feedback from a few of those members, but many prefer a more robust and diverse musical experience. Additionally, the majority of members want new playlists daily, and that’s a huge burden and undertaking for the coach. 

That’s where we come in.

When we encounter the TCP and show them the app, we win them over almost every time. It just takes a little trust. And hey, this doesn’t mean you can’t ever create your own playlists! It just means that you now have a service that has your back, no matter what is happening in your everyday life.

Our company has been around for over ten years now. Workout Music is who we are, and FITRADIO PRO is the product of years of collaboration with gyms and studios to solve the problems around music. 

The content you can trust, a music experience your members will come back for, and a company you can count on.

We’re here to help,

Rusty Greene