FITRADIO Launches Spin Tracklist Feature for PRO

As any professional spin instructor knows, leading a successful class requires a lot more than just instructing riders. Crafting high-quality playlists that motivate and incorporate choreography within your rides helps take your classes to the next level, but both activities also take hours upon hours to get right. 

Fortunately, we at FITRADIO have the solution for elevating your rides while also saving you time. Our brand-new Spin Tracklist feature, showcasing exclusive mixes for spin instructors is exclusively available for FITRADIO PRO subscribers. These mixes feature custom templates developed by Atlanta’s very own professional spin instructor, Anabelle Pajon ( These mixes are packaged as 30-and-45-minute rides and are available in multiple different styles to choose from, helping keep class fresh for both you and your clients.

Our new and improved spin mixes display the length of each song matched with the riding position. This allows instructors to conduct classes knowing when each song will transition into the next; in addition, BPM details are available throughout the mix, ensuring you know exactly when to tell your class to crank things up or bring things down. Some of our mixes also feature two songs in select workout sections, which provides greater diversity than is often found in the typical “one song per riding position” style found within the vast majority of spin classes. 

Spin Playlist

To keep every class motivated, we added multiple genres within these playlists. Featuring Top 40, hip-hop, dance, rock, and Latin, among other styles, our team of spin professionals not only helped curate the music in collaboration with our FITRADIO DJs, but also designed the choreography. This allows you to keep your focus completely on motivating your class. As a bonus, instructors can also easily follow along with the mix and choose to skip any part as needed. We want to provide you with a complete package, but we also want to give you the freedom to make it YOUR ride.