Why Music Curation is Essential to the Digital Experience

The quality of music curation matters—and we have the numbers to back it up.

As a digital fitness provider, we know you invest a great deal of time and energy to bring a game-changing product to market. Our years of combined experience in the fitness and music industry have demonstrated that music plays an indispensable role in your product’s success. Investing in a curated music experience for your users is just as important as investing in elite instructors to build an engaging fitness program. To prove this fact, we partnered with UserTesting.com to conduct a survey. Read on to learn what we discovered (Spoiler alert: We confirmed our theory).

FIITRADIO vs. Competitor

We surveyed a group of active participants aged 25-55 who exercise over three times per week and are familiar with digital fitness products. Participants were instructed to go for a run or walk while listening to two different Top 40 playlists, one from FITRADIO and one from our top competitor. After the experience, they were asked to answer a couple of different questions.

The FITRADIO Difference

These results prove that you get what you pay for when it comes to music curation. This survey revealed that music has a major impact on purchasing decisions, and the more you invest upfront, the better the experience will be for your digital fitness community. Our DJ-engineered playlists are carefully crafted to appeal to a wide audience. Algorithms, royalty-free music, and cheaper, less intentional options simply don’t compare in a blind test. We proudly stand behind our playlists because our professionals invest time to curate a winning fitness playlist that appeals to a broad audience of participants. Visit our website to hear the FITRADIO difference and learn more.