F45 Training & FITRDIO DJ: Breis Gordon

Breis Gordon has a passion for exercise and music, which makes him the perfect fit for the FITRADIO! Breis has been DJing in and around Pittsburgh for 6 years, working “every gig imaginable” at impressive venues and a wide variety of audiences. He is a DJ at F45 Training in Pittsburgh, where he spends time and effort creating mixes full of recognizable and motivating tracks that cover lots of genres for all to enjoy. Read on to get to know Breis and hear about his process behind curating mixes for classes. 

Getting to Know DJ Breis

What is one word to describe your mixing style? 


What is the coolest place you’ve ever spun?

“I DJ’d a wedding at the Liberty View in Philadelphia.  Being a huge history nerd, this place was cool because it overlooked Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.” 

Finish this sentence: When creating a mix for FITRADIO I always _____.

 “LISTEN FOR DRUMS.  The kick is obviously important but I feel snares, hats, claps, etc. add additional momentum to a song.”

Favorite show to binge-watch? 

The Office

Share a fun fact:

“I actually have two education degrees (B.S. in Special Education & MEd. in Curriculum and Instruction) but DJ full time!”

Intention in Curating Exercise Mixes

What do you do to create the perfect mix for classes, and what makes you stand out when creating mixes for a class environment?

“I think it’s important to be mindful of the genres and eras of music you are selecting. Not everyone likes hip hop, not everyone likes EDM, not everyone likes Top 40, etc. Having said that, choosing a diverse range of genres & eras is something I try to do with a majority of my mixes geared toward exercise. I believe this, along with quick mixing and cutting keeps the energy alive. Playing a whole track out can really drown the intensity of the environment.”

Check out “No Breaks, All Gas 2” on the FITRADIO App

We recommend listening to one of Breis Gordon’s mix, like “No Breaks, All Gas 2“. It is a 130-150 BPM high-energy mix of many genres, including EDM, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop. Gordon’s mixes are instant crowd-pleasers for HIIT and cardio classes at F45 Training & on the FITRADIO app.

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