FITRADIO x Orange Theory

FITRADIO and Honors Holdings, LLC, Announce Music Partnership 

The music curation service will assist the leading global franchisee of Orangetheory Fitness studios in playlist creation 

ATLANTA (June 23, 2021) – Leading a premium fitness experience requires a coach’s full attention, especially for the fast-paced, small group interval training classes at Orangetheory Fitness. In this high-energy atmosphere, coaches are laser-focused on leading workouts, correcting member form, and motivating the class. While they do their best to craft high-energy playlists, it can often be time-consuming to find and program the right music mix for Orangetheory Fitness classes. When the team at Honors Holdings, LLC, realized a vast majority of their coaches were already using FITRADIO’s DJ-curated playlists, the choice was clear for the Atlanta-based operator. 

FITRADIO created a solution for the team at Honors Holdings, the largest franchisee of Orangetheory Fitness globally, including custom content curation with a branded station, creative involvement from the fitness coaches and a reliable feedback system for members and coaches. 

FITRADIO’S team of professional DJs and curators will create multi-genre, high-energy playlists on a monthly basis to provide a fitness-first music experience that caters to a wide range of demographics represented in each Orangetheory Fitness studio. 

“Getting the music right for the individual is a science; getting the music right for a group is an art,” says Russell Greene, founder at FITRADIO. “That’s where we come in. We are here to create an inclusive music experience built on trust so coaches feel confident about pushing play at the start of every class.” 

FITRADIO’s goal is to implement feedback loops for both coaches and members to utilize in ongoing content creation. Orangetheory Fitness coaches will also be paired with FITRADIO DJs for creative and collaborative playlist curation. 

“Honors Holdings’ coaches have used FITRADIO for years, and I’m excited to finally make this partnership official,” says Greene. “Using data and feedback from Orangetheory Fitness coaches, FITRADIO will provide a high energy music experience that works across multiple class formats, fresh playlists weekly and music mixes that appeal to a wide member demographic.”  

“At Honors Holdings we always strive to enhance the experience for our members, and our new partnership with FITRADIO is just one more way we will accomplish that,” says Jamie Weeks, founder and CEO of Honors Holdings. ”We are excited to bring FITRADIO into our studios and give members the workout they expect and deserve.”


FITRADIO provides gyms and trainers with a quality music experience that’s exclusively curated for fitness by professional DJs. They have over 10K+ custom playlists to choose from, with 150+ new mixes added each month. Gyms and trainers can collaborate with DJs to create custom mixes, and the platform includes a Digital Experience for gym members to connect on FITRADIO. They also provide the option to upgrade to a music licensing package. 

About Orangetheory Fitness: 

Orangetheory makes it simple to get ‘More Life’ from your workout. Orangetheory is a science-based, full-body workout that uses technology to measure performance and highlight improvement. Orangetheory Fitness workouts incorporate endurance, strength and power to elevate participants’ heart rates and generate the “Orange Effect,” whereby participants keep burning calories for up to 24 hours after a 60-minute workout. Orangetheory Fitness has over 1,400 studios in all 50 U.S. states and over 25 countries. The company was ranked #60 in Inc. magazine’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list and was listed as #9 on Entrepreneur’s 2020 Fastest Growing Franchise list. Visit for more information.

About Honors Holdings, LLC: 

Honors Holdings, founded in 2014 by Jamie Weeks and headquartered in Atlanta, is the world’s largest franchisee of Orangetheory Fitness studios. Honors Holdings owns and operates over 100 studios. Since its founding, Honors has completed 18 acquisitions consisting of more than 50 Orangetheory Fitness locations. Honors has more than 1,000 employees in 12 states. 

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