NCFIT Partnership: Effort Over Algorithms

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There’s no doubt about it: Jason Khalipa is making bold moves in the virtual fitness space.

Jason is a CrossFit Games Champion, pediatric cancer advocate, and FITRADIO partner who’s dedicated to improving his own fitness and helping others do the same. After graduating from college in 2008, Jason opened CrossFit Santa Clara, which he eventually renamed NCFIT. His years of experience in the conventional health club industry helped Jason recognize areas for improvement. Focused on enriching his members’ lives through excellent coaching, community, and workouts, NCFIT evolved into a trail-blazing digital fitness product and international program for NCFIT partner gyms.

When Jason launched the NCFIT App experience, a partnership with FITRADIO was a natural collaboration. We translated NCFIT’s “effort over everything” mentality to provide a parallel “effort over algorithms” music experience for users.

I fell in love with the longer format mixes that allowed me to focus on my workout instead of switching songs on the playlist. It takes the guesswork out of my workout playlist. FITRADIO allows me to focus on the class I am coaching or the workout I am performing. The mixes are made by world-class DJ’s and are excellent.

– Jason Khalipa

To accomplish this, our teams worked together to integrate FITRADIO’s hand-crafted, DJ-curated music library with the NCFIT App, setting an industry standard for nonstop, high-energy music. Users have access to tens of thousands of mixes by FITRADIO. Jason recognized that FITRADIO’s carefully curated playlists would allow his talented coaches to focus on what they do best: delivering a world-class workout. This partnership took shape almost effortlessly since we already had the technology, and their engineers were able to take NCFIT x FITRADIO live in a matter of weeks.

The digital side of functional training has a void to fill, and we’re excited to see where NCFIT’s team of content creators go. Music is a very important part of the overall experience. Digital brands need to get it right, and Jason made the right choice. I’m looking forward to watching NCFIT continue to grow their brand.

– Russell Greene, Founder and CEO of FITRADIO

As fitness continues to make strides in the digital frontier, we recommend that product managers put music on a pedestal. Each playlist should be carefully curated to match the type of workout, the coach’s personality, and the users’ preferences. You need to put just as much effort into your music selection as you do the rest of the UX design. Those who don’t invest in the best playlists will pay the price down the road because users can tell the difference.

An app isn’t complete without music, and these users would agree. Check out our blog about Jason Khalipa to learn more about the inspiring story behind NCFIT.

The integration of FITRADIO is a GAMECHANGER because now I can pick the music genre I want depending on my mood and the workout. I cannot wait to see what else NCFIT has in their bag of tricks!

– Bubs4879, NCFIT user

The music pairing with each workout combined with great coaching cues creates an overall great experience.

– BurtDavies, NCFIT user

FITRADIO is embedded into the app so you can always have the perfect music playing during the workout.

– cfleming711, NCFIT user