Meet Jason Khalipa – Founder of NCFIT

In light of our new NCFIT x FITRADIO collab, we got to hear from the founder of NCFIT, Jason Khalipa, about his fitness coaching and FITRADIO journey. You will get to learn about Jason’s experience with FITRADIO and about what inspires and motivates Jason in the fitness community. Keep reading to hear what Jason had to say!

Q&A with Jason Khalipa

Tell us about yourself

My name is Jason Khalipa. I am the founder of NCFIT, a CrossFit Games Champion, and pediatric cancer advocate. My wife and I live in San Jose CA and have two children. For the last 20 years I have dedicated myself to improving my own fitness and helping others with theirs. 

Tell us about NCFIT – how did it come about?

I began working in the fitness space when I was 15, once I graduated from College in 2008 I opened CrossFit Santa Clara which eventually was renamed to NCFIT. While working at the conventional health club I saw areas that could be improved, members needed support and we could do a better job providing It. When I opened NCFIT we focused on improving our members lives through excellent coaching, community, and workouts. This is the same focus that drives us today.

Jason in NCFIT shirt smiling

How did you find FITRADIO?

I stumbled upon FITRADIO while looking for workout music in 2015/2016. I fell in love with the longer format mixes that allowed me to focus on my workout instead of switching songs on the playlist.

How long have you been using it?

 I have used FITRADIO consistently for more than 5 years.

Jason coaching

What do you love most about it?

It takes the guesswork out of my workout playlist. FITRADIO allows me to focus on the class I am coaching or the workout I am performing. The mixes are made by world class DJ’s and are excellent. 

What can NCFIT users expect with the new app?

The leading functional training app with on demand and daily workouts taught by world class coaches and music customized the way you like It.

Jason lifting