Introducing new FITRADIO DJ: AJAXX of F45

We’re excited to welcome a new DJ to the #FITRADIOFam, DJ AJAXX! Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, AJAXX DJs for several F45 gym locations. We had a chance to catch up with him to ask him more about why he does what he does and what inspires him. Here’s what he had to say.

Getting to Know DJ AJAXX

Describe your background in music, and what is your connection to F45?

I have strong ties to Fitness/College Sports with regards to DJing/Music. I worked for University of Arizona Athletics, Auburn Athletics, and Tennessee Athletics all curating music and DJing.  Most recently, I have been DJing at 3 different F45 Gym locations all around Arizona, so I definitely have a good sense of what is motivational for people to work out to.

One word to describe your mixing style.


Finish this sentence: When I create a mix for FITRADIO I always ________.

Bring records that’ll motivate you to keep going throughout your workout!

Favorite show to binge watch?

Law & Order SVU

What is the coolest place you’ve ever spun? 

ESPN College Game Day @ McKale Center

DJ AJAXX at the ESPN College Gameday basketball game in the McKale Center in Tuscon, AZ.

Share a random/fun fact about yourself.

I run at least 1 Mile a Day, every day, and have for the last 178 days (and counting)!

How DJ AJAXX Stands Out

What do you do to create the perfect mix for classes? What makes you stand out when creating mixes for a class environment?

I try to play remixes that aren’t used by everybody else. I think most people in the Fitness industry especially have heard the same stuff over and over. So I try to be different and play a version of a record you might not have heard. There is too much great music out there to only play the same stuff and I don’t want to sound like everybody else! 

Check Out DJ AJAXX’s mix: “We Are All Stars”

Be sure to check out DJ AJAXX’s mix on the FITRADIO app. “We Are All Stars” is a 130 BPM open-format, high-energy mix of Top 40 and EDM workout hits to keep you motivated. Follow along with us @FITRADIO on Instagram to stay up to date on the newest featured mixes and DJ’s!