Fit Radio Success Story- Meet Dr. Shubhrat M.

My name is Dr. Shubhrat Misurya. All my life I have been overweight by about 176 lbs. In the year 2016-2017 I gained another 44 lbs of pure fat…now, I was 220 lbs & OBESITY CLASS 2. This put me at a very high risk of hypertension and diabetes and I already had depression. I was absolutely miserable, afraid for my life. Here’s how Fit Radio gave me HOPE, success & helped me turn my life around.

I was extremely afraid to take any steps forward. I accepted my fate of being big all my life. I accepted that only this oversized black t-shirt would fit me properly, so I wore this t-shirt only for 1 year until I changed my BMI back to a normal category.

One day in I was reading TIMES OF INDIA newspaper and I saw an article about the Fit Radio app. I decided to download it and I did my first workout the same day.

Finally, I felt like I had some HOPE. I also bought the book “Discipline Equals Freedom” by Jocko Willink, which got my diet into place/disciplined. Previously, I was eating 5000kcal a day and after understanding this book I was eating 2000 kcal a day. From high-fat diet to HIGH PROTEIN DIET.

I did twice-a-day workouts with your App. The Fit Radio Cardio Coaches pushed me my limit and beyond. Since my weight was so high, I suffered recurrent injuries along the way but I NEVER settled, I kept going. Having an accountability system at my fingertips made all the difference.

Thank you FIT RADIO for keeping the fire burning in me. I can still hear Coach B’s last word in each session – “B OUTTTTT”. I hope my story can HELP someone just like me out there.


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