Meet #CardioCoach Zeenat

Who’s our new Cardio Coach Zeetrainme!? Read more to find out!

Hey heyyyy! My name is Zeenat, many call me Zee, and I was born and raised in Fayetteville, GA.  Since then, I’ve moved several times and lived in Kennesaw, Smyrna, and Midtown. I attended college at Emory University for nursing and started working as an ICU nurse in 2013.  Fit Radio came into my life early this year and the opportunity to potentially lead thousands of people daily in a training session was shocking and so exciting at the same time. I remember when my first workout was uploaded on the app- I couldn’t stop playing it because I couldn’t believe that was me!! Ahh, bliss! ☺ But how did I get into fitness to begin with?

Newlyweds & Newly Fit

My fitness journey started when I was 22 years old, shortly after I became a nurse.  I was never the athlete throughout my childhood, but after I got married I started lifting weights with my husband. It became part of our daily lifestyle and was “our thing” together which made us hold each other accountable.  As newlyweds, we were always experimenting in the kitchen and incorporating more meal prepping. At some point within that newlywed year, we hit a plateau and wanted more challenges in the gym which led me to my first trainer. We ended up enjoying it so much that we stuck with him for a year.  We learned SO much in that year training together from eating habits, supplements, correct form that I was always leaving so motivated and inspired to learn more. I found myself absorbed in reading fitness based material (I hated reading, but that’s when I could tell how my passion was growing!). After that trainer, I worked with a couple more as goals started to become more precise and my eagerness to learn other techniques grew.

The “TrainNurse”

Fast forward to 2016, I became a travel nurse and started working in Los Angeles.  During this transition and living in one of the most health-conscious cities, I turned my hobby into a side career aka the launch of “Zeetrainme”. To me – personal training and nursing overlap in many ways – which may be the reason why I fell in love with it! Working as an ICU nurse is the most amazing experience, I see the worst of the worst which humbles me on how lucky we are to be given the abilities we have, but as a trainer, I get to change lives by educating on health, fitness education and nutrition. ☺ I love learning about the human body and everything it’s capable of. I started taking clients in Atlanta and worked an “as needed” nurse there around my training schedule.  My coworkers always joked and called me the “trainurse” haha!

Making a Difference

Throughout my time in Atlanta, every month I’d host group training events to get more involved in the community.  I enjoy groups because I leave my events filled with such joy for the rest of the day.  The energy from groups are always so positive and even the most sedentary person from my group events leave feeling more motivated.  That’s what’s so rewarding—showing others that they CAN do it, pushing them past their limits and making healthier decisions because of little old me! ☺ Who would’ve thought how much of an impact I’d have on someone!?

Today, I can confidently say how much I love what I do…& In my opinion, your health is your most cherished possession.  Love yourself, stay active, and OWN YOUR GOALS!!

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