Who is this ‘Dora of Fitness’?

Fit Radio #CardioCoach Spotlight – Introducing our newest coach on the app, Corlyn! That would be me! My name is Corlyn, and I’m the Fit Radio Coach throwing in Spanish words here and there during workouts. “Como así!” (See, like this!) I’ve never written a blog (or anything longer than a paragraph since I graduated a couple months back) so I’m really excited to start this and, more importantly, bring you all things fitness.

Corlyn in a Nutshell

Of course, I could have given you a complete biography, but I’d rather just sum it up in a few quick facts. So here ya go!

  1. I was born in Colombia the exact same day that Pablo Escobar died (you know, the guy from the hit Netflix show Narcos), but I was raised in a suburb outside of Atlanta.
  2. Blue is my absolute favorite color, all shades too, well except baby blue…not a fan, not a fan.
  3. I have a BS in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, GO JACKETS! I’ve actually never been to a Tech football game, so that’s on my to-do list this Fall, anyone wanna join?
  4. The loves of my life are named Oslo and Jax. Oslo is my blue-eyed Australian Shepherd and Jax is his kitty cat baby brother.
  5. Fries are my guilty pleasure. Any kind. French Fries. Sweet Potato Fries. Arby’s Curly Fries. Andy’s Hot Fries. Chic-fil-a Waffle Fries. Just give me the fries!


Enough of the fries, When did Fitness Come into Play?

Great question. My love, well back then hate, for fitness started when I was 14 years old. Yes, 14 is young but my mom was adamant that doing “backflips” (I was tumbling at the time) was not sustainable exercise. So she took me to her beloved indoor-cycling class and let me tell you…it was the absolute death of me! Not only did my mom completely out do me, but I was exhausted, my body hurt, and my butt had never been sorer in its entire existence. I told my mom I was never EVER doing that again, but she signed me up for a membership anyway. Fast forward to a year later, I was in every class. Even if I spent the night at a friend’s house, I’d wake up at 7am to make the 8am class. At 17, I decided to go through training and became an instructor. In fact, this October will be my 6th year of instructing! And although I hated it with all my being when I first started, indoor cycling has been such a gift.


Since then I have explored a bunch of different exercises, but right now I hit the gym, kickbox, teach at Cyclebar Buckhead and have the pleasure of coaching people from all around the world with Fit Radio. Looking back, 14-year-old me would be shocked that fitness would one day be an enormous part of her life and even more shocked that she’s in love with it!


How Can I Fall in Love with Fitness?

It’s EASY, like 1-2-3! –That’s actually not true. It’s not that easy, but it can be and that’s where I come in! Through my fitness journey, I’ve tried a lot of different things to get the look and feeling that I’ve desired. Some things have worked…some things definitely haven’t, but what I’ve learned through it all is that mother is always right. (Hah, you didn’t see that coming, did ya?) But it’s true. Since I can remember she has always told me to find the “happy medium”. You can’t go from one extreme to the other and think “oh yeah, this is gonna stick”. Our motivation levels come in waves and sometimes it can be extremely hard to stick to whatever plan we created. But don’t give up, there’s still hope! Plenty of hope. You just have to find a way to make a healthy lifestyle sustainable for YOU and I’m gonna help ya with that!


Each blog post will be filled with tips and advice to help you mold your healthy lifestyle. We are unique individuals so what might motivate one person might not motivate you..and that’s okay! I want to work with you to find what motivates you, what makes you bring the “fuego,” what makes you wanna be healthier, stronger, leaner, or whatever is it you’re looking to achieve. Together we can make this happen, so let’s get to it!


There’s no time like the present. So you know what, let’s start right now! Today go ahead and do something different. Whether it’s going on a walk with your dog, doing a Fit Radio workout with me if you haven’t tried yet, or taking a free yoga class down the street. Let’s push our boundaries and get uncomfortable. Start moving that body because remember, sweat never killed anyone!


Follow my fitness journey and connect with me on Instagram @gomezcorlyn.


Fit Radio Cardio Coach - Corlyn