Strength Trainer Chelsea Brings Travel-Friendly Workouts to Fit Radio

Meet our newest Strength Trainer, Chelsea! Always inspired by travel, Chelsea is bringing quick, 30-minute travel-friendly workouts for all fitness levels to the Fit Radio App! We had a chance to catch up with Chelsea and ask her a few questions so you could get to know her better.

Instagram Handle: @chelseapatricia

What is your favorite type of music?: Depends on my mood. Sometimes it’s Hard Rock (or more likely, early 2000’s Rock), sometimes it’s Trap, Hip-Hop. Lately, I am particularly fond of the Latin mixes–all the Miami vibes.)

How did you get involved in fitness?: I went from a size 12 to size 2 in a year through heavy lifting and nutrition. I wanted to be able to be active and keep up with my son.

How did you get involved in Fit Radio?: I was hired as their photographer when Cardio Coaching first launched, and have been a brand loyal, #FitRadioFam member ever since!

Why do you do what you do?: I want EVERYONE to feel their absolute best–both physically and mentally. When you make strides in your strength, mobility, and overall health, it affects your whole mentality and belief in yourself!

How do you stay motivated: MUSIC. Even when I am so tired, if I put on a dope track, eventually, it’ll wake me right up!

How do you keep your listeners motivated?: I know I have tired days, downer days, not-so-great days, so I try to be real about that, too. It’s ok to take a day off. Take care of yourself. But then, you get right back to it!

Do you have a favorite quote?: Pardon the language, but my best friend texted this to me today: “Honey, the sky is the f**king limit.” It’s now my favorite quote.

What is your favorite thing about Fit Radio?: The non-stop music. The selection of genres.

Do you have a favorite Fit Radio DJ?: Two Friends. Maybe it’s my active nature, but I love that every loop is no more than like 30 seconds then I get another tasty track.

What do you like to do for fun?: TRAVEL!

Other than working out with Fit Radio, what else do you do to stay healthy?:Traveling keeps my brain healthy.