Meet Cardio Coach Keisy – Our Certified Active Isolated Stretch Practitioner

Hey, Fit Radio Fam! It’s your coach Keisy Myumi, and for those of you who have not tuned into any of the Fit Radio workouts, my name is Keisy, and I am a certified master trainer and unconventional strength specialist. I have been an Active Isolated Stretch Practitioner for 3 years and I make it my business to be an advocate for consistent stretching. I have a background in ballroom, latin, and swing dancing, so flexibility for me is a gift and a curse. It’s great when it comes to my range of motion, but in order to really get a good stretch, it can sometimes be difficult alone.

My stretch journey really started when I began going to a recovery specialist and began learning techniques and fundamentals with each session. They say a closed mouth doesn’t get fed, so after a few months, I asked if there was an internship opportunity available, and so, I began my studies and hands-on training! Still to this day, I am continuously learning and implementing my findings in my own practice, and with my clients. For me, stretching is a very intimate and fulfilling time for myself. It is when I can quiet my thoughts, mentally connect with my muscles, and release tension. The benefits, in my opinion, go beyond physical, and that is why I am so excited to share this with you guys!

Cardio Coach Keisy


When Fit Radio expressed interest in adding stretch routines to the app, I was all over it! Beyond excited. With that being said, months later, I am extremely happy to announce that it is now LIVE! It was a priority for me to make sure that everyone could benefit from these programs regardless if they were a beginner or novice. I also wanted to keep in mind that everyone has a life, and a busy schedule, so we made sure to include shorter, targeted routines, as well as lengthier sessions that incorporate the whole body for when you have the time to really unwind. In addition to the body specific stretches, we will have pre and post programs as well.


So, if you’re about to begin your workout and want to warm your muscles and joints and get some great mobility work in, we’ve got you covered. Say you just killed your workout. You will have the tools to properly cool down, and a program with the right stretches to promote faster recovery. We wanted to make sure that we provided an easy and interactive way to take the thought out of living a healthier lifestyle. From the guided workouts, to now stretches and mobility, you can now invest in yourself and your health and wellness all from a couple of clicks within the app. I really hope you enjoy!


With so much love,