Meet Cardio Coach: Haron Mintz

Tell us a little about yourself, Cardio Coach Mintz!

Innn West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days…! I’m just kidding. My name is Haron Mintz and I am known as Coach Mintz on Fit Radio. Born and raised in New York City, I’m 28 years old, and the ATL is where I dwell. One of my mottos in life is to “be the change that you want to see in the world” and my hope is that I can encourage you on your fitness journey to help you be the change you want to see in your world as well as become a better version of yourself. I have a genuine joy in helping others and serving others.

Cardio Coach Haron Mintz

Outside of Fit Radio Cardio Coaching, I’m an Entertainer in many forms, most notably as an MC. I have partnered with brands like the Atlanta Falcons, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the Atlanta Track Club, Reebok and the list goes on! The main thing that I keep hearing from my clients as well as the people that I train? My radical and overwhelming excitement and enthusiasm that pushes them to be better and encourages the crowd and audiences that I’m in front of. With Fit Radio, you now get this from me in your headphones anytime, anywhere.

Cardio Coach Haron Mintz

What got you into fitness?

I’ve been in fitness consistently for a little over 10 years. I became a personal trainer back in 2008 and one thing that pushed me to continue was seeing the success rate and the overall change in people’s lives as they begin to reach their physical, mental and emotional goals. Before that played almost every sport you can think of either competitively or recreationally. I played soccer for about eight years back when I lived in New York and when I moved down south I ran track specializing in the high jump. If you meet me in person you will see that I am simply put a MASSIVE individual (a cool 6’ 4, over 200lbs) and it was inevitable that I’d get recruited to play football as well, which I did. Simply put I am a fitness enthusiast through and through and my next venture will be training for a bodybuilding/physique competition here in Atlanta – feel free to come out and support!


What has fitness taught you?

Being a competitor and athlete has helped me with my outlook on life overall. Nothing in life is promised to you or owed to you and you quite simply have to bust your a$$ to get what you really want in your life. No shortcuts, no circumventing the process. It’s made me into such a passionate individual and I hope to share some of that with you. You could say that it’s my therapy, my safe place, my stage, and sometimes my girlfriend LOL. Fitness and Athletics have and always will be there for me.  There’s always an avenue that’s going to help me get you another level in life and become the next best version of myself.

Cardio Coaching for Fit Radio


What do you love about Coaching?

I think the thing that I love the most about being a trainer and being a coach on Fit Radio is the fact that I get to reach people and touch people’s lives in areas where they really need it. I know firsthand it’s a scary thing to commit to the choice to become fit or start your health journey. I’ve struggled with obesity in my past and I can say that if I can do it anybody can do it. It’s not easy at all…let me say that again – it might be one of the toughest things that you do and it probably is going to hurt along the way – but it is 100% worth it. And I know a thing or two about things that are worth it! Being a father of two children my son Zechariah and his big sister Lillyan, I want to show them every day that they are worth fighting for and that they are worth every ounce of sweat that I leave in gyms and on the field.

Cardio Coach Haron Mintz


What can users expect from your workouts?

My listeners can expect to feel challenged but overall celebrated because I am proud of the fact that you are just choosing fitness and choosing health and choosing to better yourself. There’s a lot to be said about someone who can make a choice and stick to it. It may be uncomfortable at times and if you’ve heard any of my workouts they ARE tough sometimes but I definitely want to encourage you and build you up to be stronger, better, faster, and be able to work harder. Your capacity will be stretched and expanded and you’ll be better for it. Coach Mintz signing off – I’ll see you in the app!


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