Found a Bug? Let's Squash It!

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We are fixing bugs as soon as they come up, but if for some reason you come across something, please let us know. Just follow the SIMPLE steps below.

Dirk, Director of Technology and Development

My name is Dirk and I’m going to help you help us make FIT Radio as close to bug free as possible. With any new app, there are going to be bugs. Last I checked, FIT Radio is available to over 746 Android devices. Wow, that’s a lot. Now, we test on a lot of devices, but it’s impossible to test on every single one. The first step you should take is to make sure you have the latest version of FIT Radio. We put out updates every few weeks.

If you’re having trouble while the app is running, there’s a very quick and easy way to submit a bug. Recreate the problem, Hit Menu, then Submit Bug. Simple as that. The app does all the work of collecting the log, phone model and setting up the email. All you have to do is describe the problem… in detail. 🙂

If the bug occurs during loading time or you cannot access this for any reason you can pull your own log… There is no personal info in the logs, only error codes that help us figure out where you are having problems. First thing you’ll need is a log program, I recommend aLogCat, it’s free and on the market. All you have to do is install it and when you have a problem:

  1. Quickly open aLogCat (within a minute or two of experiencing the problem)
  2. Tap the Menu button
  3. then the Share Icon
  4. then your email program
  5. Type out what kind of phone you have and what exactly the problem was and send it off to us a bugs at
Now let’s talk a moment about specifics. Imagine going to a mechanic and saying there’s a problem with your car and not giving him any other information. It would take a lot of time and money to get your car fixed! Same things with reporting problems with apps. The more you can tell us, the faster we can track down the problem. Things like,
  • when the problem occurs (loading, while playing, after being idle for a while)
  • what you were doing when the problem happened (playing music, trying to skip, viewing the tracklist, driving around town)
  • can you make the problem happen more than once 

All these things help us find out what’s going wrong, and all of us here at FIT Radio appreciate your help to improving the app! 

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