Fit Radio Success Story: Justin Q.

My name is Justin D Quackenbush. I’m 36 years old and I live in Manhattan. I am a professional actor, singer and entertainer working mainly in live theatre. In this profession, I have to go where the work is – which means often working regionally, away from my home gym and group fitness etc. I rely on a strong body in my line of work, but like everyone else -the stresses of life have occasionally disrupted my fitness routine. In September of 2017, I was temporarily uprooted from my life in NYC due to some emergency circumstances, and in the process lost my routine and watched the weight creep on. By November 2017, I was weighing in at 210 lbs.

In January, I discovered Fit Radio by accident and began using it just for the music at first. Then I discovered the Cardio Coach feature which has been a game-changer for me in motivating my workouts. Having someone in your ear not only telling you what to do every step of the way, but cheering you on makes such a difference in finishing my workouts. When I weighed myself last week, I was down to 182 lbs. While the weight loss is a great side effect, the sensation of having a stronger body, more flexibility, a clearer head and a calmer heart is really where the benefits of regular training live for me.

Within the Cardio Coach feature, I love the variety of workouts that are provided. I tend to do a lot of the treadmill and elliptical workouts when I have access to machines. But the real game changer for me has been the outdoor run workouts. I do like cycling and lifting, but I haven’t dipped into any of those workouts just yet. It’s exciting to know that they are there for me when I am ready to change things up and try something new!

I started working with Coach Rusty and by the end of my first workout I was sold. His enthusiasm and encouragement are genuine – hearing “nice work” or “way to go champ” at the end of an interval adds a level of accomplishment for pushing yourself. His workouts always end with the matra “Eat Clean, Keep Moving and Enjoy Life,” and I think of those words a lot. Recently, Coach Bianca has a hold on my heart and my workouts. Her spunk and humor come through in her coaching and it makes it so easy to follow her instructions. There are some outdoor runs that combine cardio with isometric exercises that both BURN and also make me feel like Superman by the time I’m done with them. Her workouts end with the mantra “How Strong? SO STRONG!” Another phrase I find myself repeating to myself throughout my days. I can’t get enough of DJ Dynamix, DJ Steady130, DJ Ammunition and DJ Mami Chula. My favorite mix of all time seems to be DJ Steady 130’s Bad Girls: 150BPM – it’s a great mix of fierce pop women who are all badasses.