Fit Radio DJ Spotlight: DJ AXCESS

We had a chance to catch up with Fit Radio DJ, DJ AXCESS to ask him a few questions about his all-time favorite DJ moments, where he draws inspiration, and his process for creating the perfect Fit Radio mix. (We also learned some interesting things about him along the way…) Here’s what he had to say.

DJ Name
Instagram Handle
Where are you located?
What’s one word to describe your mixing style?
Where is the coolest place you’ve ever spun?
Mapfre Stadium – Home of Crew SC
When I create a mix for Fit Radio I always ______.
I try to match the music to a standard fitness routine. A song or two to get you excited. A quick warm-up section, and then ramp up the energy all the way to the finish. Most important of all though, I keep it funky!
Share a fun/random fact about yourself.
People think I’m weird because I get way more excited about constructive criticism than I do about compliments.
Learn more about Fit Radio DJ, DJ AXCESS and listen to his latest mixes here.