10 Ways to Get a Workout on Vacation

Vacations usually mean a two-week hiatus from physical activity and fitness but it doesn’t have to. There are many ways that you can sneak in a workout without disrupting the leisurely vacation that you have been craving all year.

1. Reset Your Expectations

It’s not likely that you’ll be able to keep up your full workout regimen while on vacation. So, don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. Remember that accomplishing just 40 to 50 percent of what you normally do is better than nothing.

2. Do Your Homework

Before you even leave town, investigate the workout facilities in and around your hotel. Some hotels offer fitness classes, gyms, even walking programs. Also, check for nearby parks with jogging trails or local gyms with day passes.

3. Pack It Up

Your suitcase will easily allow room for a resistance band and a jump rope. Use the resistance band for upper and lower body strength-training moves. The jump rope provides an intense cardiovascular workout in a short bout of time.

4. Carry a Load

Instead of packing one large suitcase with rollers, try distributing your luggage between two smaller suitcases. Then, balance the weight of the two cases on each side of your body as you carry your bags through the airport. Your upper torso will feel the burn.

5. Take Some Steps

Strap on a pedometer and count your steps each day. Aim for 10,000 steps per day as you trek your way through your destination’s tourist sites.

6. Take a Detour

If your vacation involves a long road trip, plan a day for a hike along the way. Check with the parks or forestry service in the areas along your route to find a trail that fits your fitness level.

7. Get Adventurous

Rent a bike, kayak, or surfboard. Many rental shops also offer lessons. Try something new on vacation, and burn a few calories while you’re at it.

8. Make a Splash

Lounging by the poolside is a common activity during vacation. So, while you’re lounging, why not hop in the pool every half-hour for a swim? If you’re not a strong swimmer, try walking through water that is higher than waist deep. The simple act of moving against the water’s resistance will provide a moderate workout.

9. Catch Up With Family

Many vacations involve visits to relatives, near and far. This year, instead of chatting about the latest news over chips and salsa, invite Aunt Sue for an evening stroll around the neighborhood. Enjoy some quality time with your family while doing something good for your body at the same time.

10. Come Prepared

Check the weather for your vacation destination and be sure to bring comfortable workout gear. The last thing you need is one more reason to ditch your workout plans.

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