Why Fitness is Beneficial for Cancer Patients

Exercise is not the golden key in seeking a cure for cancer; however, it is the foundation on which any fight against the disease must be staged.

People always describe the fight against cancer in very combative tones and
metaphors. You don’t just beat cancer, you “kick its ass,” you don’t just deal
with cancer, you “battle” it. Regular exercise is like Rocky getting up earlier than
everybody else to drink an all-protein breakfast and fit in an hour run so that he
can eventually go up against Apollo Creed. If you’re up for a fight with cancer,
then you’re in for the most important fight of your life, and you’d better be fit
enough to go the distance.

Being fit is no guarantee that you’re going to beat the odds of cancer; however,
avoiding exercise will only make the odds of success in overcoming the disease
that much worse, states the National Cancer Institute fact sheet. With just about
any disease, from breast cancer to mesothelioma, staying physically active by
hitting the gym or walking the dog can make your road to recovery that much
more easy to win.

Staying active makes the difference between going rollerblading at the park,
or staying in and watching TV because you’re too tired. Being fit makes the
difference between taking that vacation to Hawaii and learning to surf or just
using it to lay low and stay in bed for a week.

Exercise and staying physically fit has the potential to extend and improve the
quality of your life. Being active instills most people with a passion for life that
can be hard to maintain in the face of a terrible disease, and that alone can make
all the difference in the world. Certainly, a cancer patient who feels cooped up
inside all day is going to have a much harder time staying positive than a patient
who takes their dog down to the beach every single morning, or who bicycles to
work instead of driving.

It’s not simply about jumping on the treadmill because you need to burn calories;
it’s about seizing all the benefits staying physically fit can afford you.

This post was contributed by David Haas. Be sure to check out the The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog.