Everyone Needs Good Workout Music!

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Amp Your Workout
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Have you ever been to the gym, while in the midst of one of your longest runs, out of nowhere, a down tempo Michael Buble song begins playing from your earbuds? You struggle to switch to a more upbeat song on your mp3 player and suddenly, not only have you lost your footing, but your motivation as well. The momentum you had for the last 8 mile haul is completely tarnished. FIT Radio creates a solution to this unfortunate issue by providing listeners with nonstop, high energy, DJ engineered music. Whether it be upbeat tempos for running, rock blends for pumping iron, or relaxing/mellow tunes for your cool down, FIT Radio provides the perfect blend of music for whatever task you wish to achieve in your workout. Don’t be confused, FIT Radio isn’t just for the gym; with various genres and a vast DJ selection to choose from, FIT Radio is perfect for lounging poolside, pre-gaming before a night on the town, or simply hanging out with a group of friends at the house. FIT Radio is fundamentally the soundtrack to your hardest workouts, your most memorable days and nights, and essentially all aspects of your life. So, do yourself a favor and let FIT Radio Amp Your Life as well as your workout!!



  Comments: 3

  1. All of my qeustinos settled—thanks!

  2. can you listen to fit radio over through the internet. i listen oon my phone and wanted to listen at my house, but cant seem to get it to play on my lap top. any suggestions?

  3. Yes, you can listen at http://www.fitradio.com If you are having issues, try playing it on Chrome. Our website is a little buggy, but we are working on getting this all fixed right now. Should be completed in December.

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