Fit Radio Success Story- Meet Dr. Shubhrat M.

By Maire,

My name is Dr. Shubhrat Misurya. All my life I have been overweight by about 176 lbs. In the year 2016-2017 I gained another 44 lbs of pure fat…now, I was 220 lbs & OBESITY CLASS 2. This put me at a very high risk of hypertension and diabetes and I already had depression. I was absolutely miserable, afraid for my life. Here’s how Fit Radio gave me HOPE, success & helped me turn my life around.


Fit Radio Success Story – Meet Pam S.

By Maire,

Fit Radio Success Story - Pam S.

Hey Fit Radio! My name is Pam. I’m a 50-year-old mom,  fitness enthusiast and lifelong runner. My dad first took me out running when I was 11. I ran 2 miles without stopping and thought it was the greatest thing ever. Since then, I’ve run 15 marathons, 8 half marathons and a handful of other races. Read more to learn about me and my fitness journey with Fit Radio! More

Fit Radio Success Story: The Camp Transformation Center

By Maire,

Meet Dr. Saman Bakhtiar – the Co-Founder of the The Camp Transformation Center. Dr. Bakhtiar and his trainers use Fit Radio as apart of their training programs in their multiple locations across California.

Dr. Bakhtiar started The Camp Transformation Centers in 2011 for the sole purpose to motivate people to “transform” from the inside out. With this passion and the help of Fit Radio, the centers have done just that!

“We love using Fit Radio because of it’s versatility and song selection. It’s one less things we need to worry about in providing our clients world class service.” – Dr. Bakhtiar


So far, they have had over 30,000 people who have gone through the program and have completely transformed their lives. Like Fit Radio, the mission of The Camp Transformation Center is to motivate, educate and change lives.