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Our FIT Radio office has been a beehive this last week. With the release of our mobile apps into the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace, we have all been running around like crazy trying to make sure everything is perfect. The app is already gaining press and recognition, and the number of users is growing by the minute! We have received a lot of great feedback, and we are so excited to hear how many users are already in love with their new favorite app, FIT Radio.

The next step: Celebration! Oh ya, and a lot of hard work, of course.

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  Comments: 2

  1. Can FitRadio be added as a station in an Internet Radio (with url) ? thanks for an amazing app!

  2. Mamibg,

    You can listen to FIT Radio online at http://fitradio.com but I don’t think it can be added to an Internet radio site as it already is one on its own? So glad to hear you like the app though!