Electric Run ATL Recap!

So this past weekend we experienced the latest 5k trend, The Electric Run! The night race started at 8:50 pm at Atlanta Motor Speedway and we were dressed in our FIT Radio gear and glow painted up so we made a quick pit stop at the Step and Repeat before heading to the starting line















The starting line was packed with people and the music was going hard as the heats were released after a dramatic countdown. Once it was our turn to start the race, we were more than pumped and ready (there were so many people there so you want to get to the race early so you can start early!) Once the race was underway I was surprised by how fast i was running and not getting tired (I am not an avid runner) but something about the lights and the music gave me energy I didn’t know I had! I stopped a couple times, but I had to so I could capture some of the track 😉


Unfortunately after a mile in to the race, the rain started to come down a little bit so I upped the speed and tucked my phone away. At the end of the race they had a fun water station set up so you could hydrate yourself

All in all, minus the rain, the race was awesome. Never knew how motivating running through glowing enter-tubes and bubbles could be! To find a race near you, check out their website! www.electricrun.com