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Hey everyone! Let’s talk about using FIT Radio for purposes other than working out. There are the obvious ones like listening to music while you clean, plugging it into your car stereo while you drive, or listening to it at your desk with headphones while working. If your boss says anything, you can throw back something that one of my bosses told me years ago, listening to techno/house music while working keeps you focused and working faster. I don’t know the source, but I’ve tried it and I know it’s true.

One of my new favorite uses for FIT Radio is playing games. Most games have some sort of soundtrack that, in my opinion, is repetitive, horrible, and get’s turned off immediately. When was the last time you left the music on in Angry Birds? Try breaking down buildings to some Heavy DubStep or make a record breaking Temple Run to some EDM. You reach that point where the music matches the game and you enter that zen state where you can do no wrong. It’ll change your gaming world!

Next time you have a couple of free minutes, Give it a Try! Let us Know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the Comments what games you like to play with FIT Radio providing the soundtrack.

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  Comments: 2

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    Ola! Dancindirk,
    Thanks, on a related note, Like many people, I have owned and played video games since I was a young girl. Of course, back then the options were only slightly more advanced than “pong” or “space invaders.” If those titles didn’t capture your attention, there was always playing outside (at least that’s what my parents always told me). Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, a new more advanced system is on the market. We’ve got choices out there, my friend.

  2. Indeed we do!! Happy gaming!!

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