Have you recently gotten a message stating “Background Data Restricted”? Then you’re in the right place so keep reading.

Restricting Background Data is primarily used for 2 things. The first is cutting down on data usage when you’re on limited data plans and the second is to help save battery. The problem is that when you start a run and turn your phone off, our app is now in the background and the phone will cut off the app’s internet access causing the music to stop when the buffer runs out. The bigger problem is that some phones are enabling this setting by default! Below you’ll find a couple of examples of where the setting can be found. Make sure Data is On or Not Restricted to make sure the music keeps playing.

On a Nexus Phone you will find background data restriction in two places. The first is under the top right button in Data Usage section of Settings.

2016-09-01 19.34.04 2016-09-01 19.34.25

It’s also a part of the Battery Saver option. I know we all want to save battery, but not at the expense of our apps not working!

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TL;DR: In Short always make sure data is enabled to ensure music playback continues.