FIT Radio is designed to be as simple or involved as you want it to be; you can either “press play and go” or you can delve deep into our extensive library of DJs and music and have more control over what you hear. It’s up to you!

The “Press Play and Go” User

Do you want to just pick a genre, press play, and go? Then this is you! FIT Radio is divided up into different genres and stations to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. Each genre/station holds around ten to fifteen 40-minute mixes at a time. These mixes randomize, giving you a new mix every time you press play (this isn’t exact – the mixes randomize, they don’t rotate, so you may get the same mix again). We update our genres/stations continuously (by adding in new mixes and taking out the “old” ones), insuring you only hear mixes with the most current and up-to-date tracks.  At this time, we add around twenty new mixes every week!

Things the “Press Play and Go” User Should Know:

Genres and Stations – The Genres tab holds the main genres we believe users are looking for, while the Stations tab holds more sub-genres.

Favorites – You can favorite a Mix, DJ, or Station by clicking on the  . These can then be found under the Favorites tab.

Skip – If you want to hear the next song in the mix, simply hit  to skip. You have an unlimited number of skips — you just can’t go backwards.

Tracklist – To view the tracklist of the mix playing, click on the word “Tracklist” (on the website) right above the skip button, or hit  on the app. You can then click on any track in the mix and skip right to it. Just remember, you can’t go backwards. The tracks you have already listened to or skipped will be grayed out.

Next Mix Button – To skip to the next mix, pull up the tracklist and scroll to the bottom. The last item on the list will say “Play Next Mix”.

Share This Mix (Website only) – If you like a mix, SHARE it with your friends! There are Facebook and Twitter Share buttons at the bottom right of the website.

Recurrent Mixes – Everyone loves music that takes them back, so we have started throwing in a Recurrent mix or two into each genre. This isn’t for a lack of up-to-date content, it’s to give you a chance to listen to those tracks you loved last year, again (once they’ve gotten far past being overplayed, of course).

The Music Enthusiast User

Do you want to dig more into the music and DJ side of things? Then this is you! The DJs tab unlocks our entire library on FIT Radio. You can search for/scan through DJs by Name or by Genre. Once you click on a DJ, it will bring up their bio, social media links, photos, and an entire library of their mixes. Under the DJ of your choice, you can hit play and FIT Radio will just play their list of mixes – It becomes their DJ Station. You can favorite these mixes to make them easy to find anytime by clicking on the  (these will then be placed under the Favorites tab). Since we are always adding new content and updating our genres/stations, a large number of mixes not played within our genres/stations can be found here. You can also find other genres that we don’t have a station for (yet), like country.

Things the Music Enthusiast User Should Know:

Favorite a DJ – Once you find a DJ you love, you can favorite them (just click on the  next to the DJ’s name). Then, you can easily find them again anytime you want to visit their page and listen to their library of mixes.

DJ Social Links – Each DJ has links on their bio page (under their photo) that will take you to their social media pages. So, don’t forget to FOLLOW your favorite DJs on Facebook and Twitter!

Search (on Website only) – In the search bar, you can search for any song or artist and it will pull up every mix in the FIT Radio library that has the track or artist. Then, just hit play! Be sure to be specific. If you are searching for a specific track, use quotations.
Example: When searching for “Set Fire to the Rain”, if you don’t use quotations, it will pull up every track with the word Rain and Fire, etc.

(Be sure to check out what the “Press Play and Go” User should know too)


New Website Features:

Explicit – You are now able to decide whether or not you wish to hear Explicit mixes and FIT Radio will abide by your rules. Simply mark yes or no next to “show me explicit mixes” in your profile.

Next Mix Button – This shows you what mix is coming up and lets you skip to it whenever you want.