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Take your music with you. Leave your phone behind.

Welcome to the first version of Fit Radio for Apple Watch! With this first version, you’ll be able to send your favorite mixes from your phone to your Apple Watch so you can take your music with you & leave your phone behind. Please follow the steps below to ensure the best experience.

To REDUCE MIX LOADING TIME from 12 min to 90 sec, follow the directions below:

Open the Settings app on your phone:

  1. Turn Bluetooth OFF
  2. Turn WiFi ON

Open the Watch App on your phone:

  1. Select “General”
  2. Select “Wake Screen”
  3. Select “Wake for 70 sec”

How-To Send Mixes to Your Watch:

  1. Take the watch off your wrist.
  2. Place watch next to your iPhone.
  3. Open the Fit Radio app on both devices
  4. Keep the Watch screen ON while loading.
  5. Open up your Favorites list.
  6. Select which mixes you’d like to send to your watch by pressing the Watch Icon.

*“Cannot connect” Message: turn Bluetooth ON until the mix begins transferring. Once mix begins transfer, then turn Bluetooth OFF.


I have the newest Fit Radio version, but the Fit Radio app isn’t showing up on my watch.

If you do not have your watch setup to automatically install apps, you will have to manually add the app. Simply open the watch app on your phone, scroll to the bottom, and select “Install” next to the Fit Radio app.

I’m following the instructions, but it keeps saying “Can’t connect to Apple Watch”.

Try turning Bluetooth ON for a moment, click on the mix you’d like to send to the Watch, and after the mix begins loading to your watch, turn Bluetooth back OFF.

Why do I have to turn Bluetooth OFF?

When Bluetooth is OFF, the watch will load mixes over wifi, making the load time much faster.

The mix stopped loading on my watch.

If a mix stops loading for any reason, tap the mix on your watch to wake it back up and make sure your watch screen stays on.

I turned Bluetooth OFF, but it’s still loading very slowly.

Make sure the Fit Radio app is open and on. Also be sure that you turned Bluetooth OFF using the Settings app (not the Control Center). The Control Center doesn’t actually turn Bluetooth OFF. Instead, it disconnects your devices.

When I use the Workout App on my Watch, Fit Radio stops playing.

We apologize for the inconvenience! Our team is aware of this issue and is currently working on a fix. There is a work around, however, until we release the newest update: As long as you do not stay on the Workout app for more than 2 minutes, Fit Radio will continue playing. Simply start your workout with the Workout App, and then go back to the Fit Radio app.

How do I remove mixes from my Watch?

On your phone, go to the Fit Radio app and open the favorites tab. The mixes that have been added to your Watch are in Orange. Click on the apple watch icon for the mix you’d like to remove, and select Yes in the pop up.

I’m at the gym, and I’m having trouble sending mixes to my watch.

Loading over wifi is 10x times faster than loading via bluetooth. However, if you are attempting to load over a crowded wifi such as a gym, the watch and the phone may have trouble communicating, resulting in you having to load over bluetooth. 

The App says a mix is currently transferring but there isn’t, it’s just stuck.

We are aware of this issue and are working on a fix for the next release. For the time being the solution is to delete and reinstall the app from the phone which resets the watch app as well. We apologize for the inconvenience, we’ll get it fixed soon!

Having an issue that is not listed here?

Please email us at with a full description of what happened so we can personally help you troubleshoot what’s going on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I want to send a mix to my watch that isn’t in my list of favorites.

No problem! Just hit the SHARE button from anywhere in the app to send mixes to your watch.

Can I save audio-guided cardio workouts on my watch?

Sadly, no. The Apple Watch does not support dual audio playback at this time. As soon as they allow it, we will bring it to your watch app.