Our Mission

FIT Radio’s mission is to increase motivation, stimulate endorphins, and amp workouts of its listeners by providing high-energy music of all genres that never ceases, even for ads.  The music played in nightclubs and lounges throughout the world is specifically designed to intensify listeners’ enthusiasm, boost their workout performances, and make people move in general.  Unlike generic Internet DJ mixes, FIT Radio brings the same high quality energetic music played in these environments to the palm of your hand.

With the future of radio inevitably migrating to Internet streaming coupled with the proliferation of Smartphones, FIT Radio will strive to fill the demand of listeners worldwide by consistently providing popular, nonstop music arranged by the world’s most popular DJs.



Russell Greene, the founder and CEO of FIT Radio and has been working in the nightclub industry for over ten years. He is currently a partner and operating manager of most renowned club in Atlanta, Opera Nightclub.  Russell has been lauded by many as a leader in nightlife marketing included being recognized as one of the top operators in the country by Nightclub and Bar Magazine.  After receiving multiple requests for live DJ mixes from his staff, friends, clients, and partygoers, he realized there was a huge, untouched market right at his fingertips.


How We Are Reshaping Radio

From commercial-laden terrestrial radio to satellite radio to streaming Internet sites where music is frequently interrupted with ads and radio “personalities”, music in today’s world is aurally ubiquitous.  FIT Radio sets itself apart from its competition with its intent and dedication to supply non-stop, high-energy mixed music produced by experienced DJs who understand the wants and needs of their listeners.  Analog radio, Pandora, Rhapsody, and satellite radio providers only supply the listener with a single song at a time and possess no control over BPM (Beats Per Minute).  These digital playlist mediums frequently play songs that neither flow together nor relate to each other.  Unlike FIT Radio, these rigid music providers play a miscellaneous catalogue of disjointed songs with monotonous moments and low-energy sections that can drag on for minutes at a time, thus providing an uninspiring soundtrack for its listeners.

It is important to point out that the laborious and time-consuming act of downloading music files is rapidly becoming an antiquated notion.  Daniel Ek (founder of Spotify) puts forth an excellent and informed prediction on what lies ahead for music media when he keenly states, “The future of music is access, not ownership”[1], meaning that users desire instant access of their favorite music on-demand rather than waiting (and paying) for music files to download, which in turn clutter their hard drives.  FIT Radio’s operative platform serves as a functioning manifestation of Ek’s statement in that users can instantly access the FIT Radio app on their Smartphone where the energetic music immediately streams into their ears.  By navigating fitradio.com and/or downloading the Smartphone app which champions accessibility over ownership, listeners have and will continue to appreciate FIT Radio as an original, easily usable, and distinct product within a crowded market of music provider.

Prove it!

Recent scientific research overwhelmingly reveals the correlation between workout performance and music choice.  As one doctor who has thoroughly researched music’s relationship to physical performance states, “…there is a science to choosing an effective exercise soundtrack [for working out]”, meaning that high-tempo music serves as a crucial motivating force for exercising.[2]  The professionally mixed non-stop musical compositions heard on FIT Radio make this scientific choice for its listeners an easy one, thus revealing another way FIT Radio stands apart from its market competitors.

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[1] For more on the future of digital music being based on access rather than ownership, please see http://articles.cnn.com/2011-07-21/tech/spotify.fortune.brainstorm_1_spotify-daniel-ek-share-songs-and-playlists?_s=PM:TECH.

[2] The quote above comes from Dr. Karageorghis, a renowned physician and researcher who has studied music’s effects on listeners for over two decades.  For more information on the research on the relationship between up-beat music and physical performance, please see http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/10/fashion/10fitness.html.