Winter Running Gear For When It’s Cold AF

Twenty -three running gear picks, zero excuses.

This time of year, the weather outside is frightful (unless you live in the sunny South), making it tougher to reach your running goals. Seriously, it’s freezing out there (and your bed is…not). If you just bundle a bunch of layers on, you’re bound to get sweaty and uncomfortable, which is no fun. What you need is workout gear made to face the elements. Your clothes should keep you warm, but not overheated or drenched, since too much sweat will just make you colder. And since it’s darker in the winter months, whether you choose to embrace the cold in the morning or at night, you’ll want to make sure you’re easy to spot. Fret not: We’ve got the tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories you need to crush your run, Jack Frost be darned.

Brooks Greenlight Headband, $30

A reversible headband with moisture wicking fabric and reflectivity in the front and back is the ear saver you need this time of year.

Saysky Illuminate Blaze Cap, $46

Whether you prefer the early morning or late evening to pound the pavement, this cap ensures you’ll be seen.

Brooks LSD Thermal Mitten, $45

A mix of wool and synthetic insulation inside means hands stay warm even if the mittens get wet.

Smartwool NTS Mid 250 Reversible Pattern Neck Gaiter, $30

If the wind blows, a merino wool gaiter is your new best friend. It’s like an infinity scarf, but for exercise. You can even pull it all the way up to your nose to really feel the heat.

Reflective BUFF, $25

Wear it around your neck, or pull it up over your ears, like a headband. It’s made with odor-control technology, so you can get it sweaty without getting it stinky.

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