Wifi: The Answer to Your Problems!

A quick lesson about Wifi Vs. 3G/4G

Since more and more providers are switching to smaller data plans, I would suggest using wifi whenever possible (even when checking your email). Wifi will keep your battery from draining as well. The only time you should turn off your wifi signal is when you are on the move (ie running through the park, driving in your car, etc.). This will keep your phone from trying to pick up every signal you pass.

Today I thought I would share how we troubleshoot. A helpful and responsive user contacted me today because their FIT Radio App kept freezing. The reason: Out of Data.  Here’s the conversation:

User: Keeps freezing!!!

Describe the bug and how it occurred:


App Version: 1.0.22
OS Version: 2.3.4
Device: HTC Sensation 4G

Bug Log: (Snipped) <– They hit “submit bug” on their app and it easily sent over the report

Me: Are you on 3g,4g, or wifi?

User: 4g & it keeps freezing & barely plays a song.

Me: Is it freezing every couple minutes or seconds? I know on my phone it will pause for a second or two every time it switches between 3g and 4g. Can you give it a try on wifi and see if you have the same problem?

User: It stays on 4g, but it keeps freezing every second. It’s never done this before.

Me: Try turning on your wifi. —I’m trying to eliminate signal or carrier as a problem. I had a friend that had a similar thing happening and it was because they were over their data limit and being throttled (their data was being restricted/slowed down by their provider).

User: You’re a genius! It’s gotta be that hahaha I’m over my data limit so that explains it.


See, all it took was a bug log and a little Q&A and problem solved. Therefore, if you are having this issue, simply switch to wifi!