FIT Radio announces reaching one million registered users

One million user mark achieved primarily through grassroots marketing 

August 25, 2014


 Streaming DJ-engineered fitness music app, FIT Radio, has officially acquired over one million registered users. After two years of concentrating primarily on development and refining the product, FIT Radio shifted its main focus to user growth this past year. The company has mostly promoted the app via Facebook ads, word-of-mouth, and by providing music at multiple fitness events in Atlanta and around the country, such as Warrior Dash, The Color Run, Electric Run, Shape Diva Dash, and more. Through these grassroot efforts that have targeted fitness enthusiasts, FIT Radio has seen an exponential growth of registered users, especially in 2014.

FIT Radio currently works with over 100 professional DJs who make custom mixes that span across virtually all genres of music, and the number of genres and playlists continues to increase due to customer demand.

On how FIT Radio has orchestrated this expansion, Program Director Nora Dillard states, “We’ve received a ton of emails from users who, while they love using the app to workout, wanted seamless playlists for various situations outside the gym such as throwing a holiday party, hanging out by the pool or bonfire, etc. So, we talked with our DJs and they’ve done an outstanding job creating such occasion-based mixes. The positive feedback from our users has been overwhelming.”

When asked about reaching a million registered users, CEO Russell Greene said, “You know, when we initially thought about the potential of reaching the million mark, we thought that it would be just like that scene in The Social Network with all the employees going crazy and throwing paper into the air. But, while we’re happy, and while I’m so proud of our team, this just feels like the beginning. Really, this is a springboard rather than a milestone.”


About FIT Radio

Featuring thousands of mixes and playlists that span over two dozen genres, FIT Radio’s mission is to provide listeners with nonstop commercial-free music for the purpose of keeping users stimulated and energized throughout their workouts. Rather than tired playlists and other apps that are inconsistent with BPM (beats per minute) and may jump sporadically from genre to genre with no attention to transitions, all of FIT Radio’s mixes are meticulously constructed by professional DJs who make playlists that are seamless performances rather than a collection of random songs.

Russell Greene is the founder and CEO of FIT Radio and is also a long withstanding operating partner at Atlanta’s Opera Nightclub. By talking with numerous guests who repeatedly asked him where they could find and purchase the DJ mixes that Opera Nightclub features, Russell discovered that a ripe market for such a music app existed. Making the most of this realization, Russell immediately started FIT Radio, and the company has since attracted over a million registered users and has received a variety a favorable press.