Make Your New Year's Resolution Goals a Reality

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Hey gang, not sure if you know what some of my responsibilities entail at the FIT Radio office but a lot of it deals with tweeting about interesting fitness, music, and technology related articles. Since I have worked with FIT, you can imagine the amount of articles I read daily. This week I am reading up on, you guessed it, New Years Resolution articles! I found that there are so many out there that talk about weight-loss, or health, or even just self improvement. I picked my top three that touch on all of these topics:

It’s the cruelest of weight-loss conundrums: The closer you get to your ideal weight, the tougher it is to reach it, says L.A.-based celebrity trainer Holly Perkins. The reason: Your body defends its weight and holds on to pounds to maintain its natural balance. The more weight you lose, the harder your body works to hold on to it. But revving up your total-body workouts can counteract this and prevent your body from getting comfy-cozy at your plus-five weight… click “You Can Do This!” to read more from Woman’s Health Magazine

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The Science Behind Keeping Your Resolution 

Making a New Year’s Resolution—it’s the topic on everyone’s mind that will end in one of two ways: You’re either going to stick to your guns and feel awesome, or you’ll give up after a few weeks and put it on the back burner until 2013. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. “Often times, people become discouraged or angry when their resolution doesn’t pan out,” says Jill Koenig, owner of and author of The Time Commandments. “But it’s not the resolution’s fault it wasn’t successful, it’s yours.” So how exactly can you make a resolution that won’t crash and burn during the first few weeks of the New Year? Simple: Follow the linked title above for easy tips to keep your goals on track…


Enjoying the New Year

A blog post from a FitFluential ambassador, Bonnie Lang.

“I want to challenge us all with how we plan on enjoying ourselves in 2012, and part of that means focusing on a clear direction and/or creating goals. Truth be told, I’m never really one to make New Year’s resolutions – or even goals, for that matter – and I’m a “professional goal setter” for others as a personal trainer! But they just don’t work for me. I choose instead to pursue more of a path than checking in with specific goals, but that’s just how I work. What I make sure I do, however, is enjoy life! And a big part of enjoying life for me is staying consistent with my health and fitness habits. You may call that a resolution, but I call it more of a direction, and one that I plan to walk in every day and hope you choose to do the same.”

Read more on how Bonnie will make efforts to not only enrich her new year but to enjoy it at the same time by following the linked title above. And while you’re at it, follow her on twitter @bonnielang