Getting Ready for Your Night on the Town: A NYE To Never Forget

Carolyn Seaman, Social Media

This post is for the ladies! (sorry boys)

Being that we work in the Music, Nightclub, and Fitness industry, New Years Eve is a HUGE DEAL to all of us here at FIT Radio. As you can imagine, this week has been extremely busy for all of us. We’ve been running around trying to get ready for DJ sets, the new release of our website, seeing our families for the holidays, and every other imaginable task that continually transpires. However, like I said, NYE is a big deal, so we had to make a blog post about it. GETTING READY FOR YOUR NIGHT ON THE TOWN: A NYE TO NEVER FORGET

I am going to break this down into topics that every standard NYE prep itinerary should cover. 🙂


Tame that Holiday Weight Gain!
Do you find yourself wondering, “wtf was I thinking eating all that fattening food on Christmas?? How am I going to fit into my NYE dress?!” SarahFit (a popular FitFluential Ambassador)’s Guide to losing 5 lbs by the weekend!  Watch: Sarah’s Video Guide

“I have absolutely nothing to wear!”
I know I spent a bit more than I would have liked this year on gifts and my NYE dress budget is super limited. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look absolutely amazing! Check out affordable *designer* NYE dresses at Rent the Runway!! “It’s couture without the cost” Time not on your side to wait for a delivery? No problem! Stylish, fun dresses for a girl on a budget can be found at most any mall… Peruse Forever 21’s site to get an idea of what you’ll be looking for in the stores.

REMEMBER to listen to FIT Radio while you get ready for some extra INSPIRATION! 🙂 I would suggest anything by DJ Vice and DJ Scene!

What are the latest and greatest trends that people are rocking this NYE?
Lauren Conrad and her style guru team have a great site to inspire! Take heed with The Beauty Department’s never ending style ideas from makeup and hair tutorials to accessories and nail polish designs!  *Also, nothing says festive like shimmering metallic make-up! Check out theses 5 gorgeous, glistening holiday makeup looks on Glamour!
*Here’s a tip* START EARLY Take the time to pamper yourself and practice new make-up ideas and/or hairstyles before NYE day/night. Practice makes perfect, and you don’t want to be late for the countdown and perfecting that smokey eye takes a little time! And while we’re on the topic of makeup, be sure to brush up on the Do’s and Don’ts of Glitter.

Easy to Make Cocktails
Whether you’re going out or staying in, these cocktails are easy to make and are readily available at any bar/club. Drink and be merry, but let’s keep it fun and memorable. And by memorable I mean actually remember it 😉 Here are 5 Low Calorie Cocktails that will keep you dancing all night and are practically guilt free!! (in moderation)

DD means Designated Driver, Not Drunk Driver
Get your ride straightened out before the night of, PLEASE! There is nothing sexy about a DUI, and there is a plethora of cab companies out there. BUT, here’s the thing… you gotta get a game plan beforehand, because NYE is one of the busiest nights and it’s going to be a challenge. So call and get a cab lined up a little while before you actually want to leave. Here’s another idea: get a D.D. (designated driver, not designated Drunk driver k?). Crazy right? But there really are people out there who prefer not to be wasted. If and when you do find a kind soul to drive you home safely, offer them gas $! And if they refuse it, hide it in their car because that 5 or 10 spot is so much cheaper than bail and they’ll appreciate you.

*Here’s a tip* Get a bunch of people together and whoever has an SUV in the group use it! Make it worth the d.d.’s time and have everybody chip in 🙂

Kick the Hangover!
Be sure to end the night with a full glass of water and a Vitamin C tablet (not oj because sugar is the devil and will only worsen a hangover). I swear by this trick because it produces dehydration and the narrowing of blood vessels that cause most hang over symptoms. H2O for the hydration and Vitamin C to help keep the blood flow steady while minimizing the possible pounding headache the next day 🙂



With all this said, there is no excuse to not have an amazing time this NYE. Take pictures, dance your ass off, and promise to make the new year better than the last!