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If you’re tired of the tight armband days of not being able to readily change your music, store anything like your keys, debit card, id, chapstick, tissue, hair bands etc. then get in line… behind me because I think I am the most tired of these things.

I finally recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 (my very 1st smart phone I received 4 years ago when I started working for FIT) to an iPhone 6 and I have to say that I freakin’ love it. It’s so nice, it’s faster, the screen is bigger, it’s not heavy like a paper weight, and it’s just pretty. But it’s also a little scary to handle outside of the comfort of a carpeted room let alone on a jog outside surrounded by concrete and asphalt just waiting to destroy my Cinderella glass slipper of a phone. I was in definite need of a new armband. But thinking of how lacking they are grossed me out and the cost of something so unfulfilling was even more gross. I thought to myself, “I’ll just workout, inside, with all the sweaty, still riding their New Year Resolutions wave people, on the boring yet safe dread treadmill.” (Disclosure: Please don’t think I’m a  jerk, because I love people having fitness/health goals and the drive to stick to them, but my gym is HELLA crowded, like a line 6 people deep waiting on cardio equipment and the more people in the gym the longer the wait and the 20 minute limit is killing my runners high.)

So the treadmill and I have become friends, I watch Bravo and/or Sex and the City marathons on E! while blasting the POP genre on FIT Radio for 20 measly minutes during my HIIT and then I’m done, because there’s a wait. I always break a sweat but I want to sweat more! Cue the gorgeous spring weather. Oh my gosh the sun still exists!! The birds are out of hiding, there is a light breeze and my legs haven’t had a quality dose of Vitamin D in 5 months. The gym was less crowded because, you guessed it, everyone was outside enjoying the perfect weather. Everyone, except me and my fragile, armband less phone. I decided I could never be the type of person to create obstacles for myself, or be crazy enough to just hold it while I run (blows my mind when I see people do this) so I browsed some options on beloved Amazon. I had seen many an article on the FlipBelt and decided to stop reading reviews and finally give it a try.

It was delivered in 2 days. I busted it out at the office and tried it on (in my normal clothes) and it felt great, they give you size options comparable to waist measurements! At first I thought no way is this thing going to stay in place on my yoga leggings. Well, I was wrong, it didn’t budge.


And there is so much space available for all of the things I mentioned above! And multiple yet sleek entry points. Nora, our Music Director, quickly noted that it would be great for festivals and Lexi, our VP, said it would be awesome for traveling too. Being pick pocketed from this thing would be 2 shakes of a lambs tail away from sexual assault, you’d know if someone was trying to take something out of the FlipBelt. But nobody would even know where it was because it’s so slim that you can’t see it under a flowy/non fitted top. Nobody.

So keep your phone safely tucked away and run your little heart out as far as your legs/lungs will take you. Hey, stop and blow your nose why don’tcha, allergy season is coming and who can perform a polite snot rocket? Put on some chapstick! Take out whatever you have in that FlipBelt that you wouldn’t otherwise have in an armband and use it! Because you can!

And if you’re looking for some workout motivation, here are some POP mixes that I’ve been addicted to:







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