The Essentials of ANY Running Program (and how to incorporate Fit Radio!)

By Bianca M,

Feeling inspired watching the Boston Marathon? Thinking about lacing up the shoes and training for one yourself? Or maybe you want to start smaller, perhaps beginning with a 5K and working your way up. Whatever the decision, you’re ready to get moving! But where do you even start? We get questions all the time as to how to incorporate Fit Radio workouts into training for a race. First and foremost, know that there are a million ways to get from point A to point B when it comes to training. That’s why it’s usually pretty overwhelming for a newbie to google “Marathon Training Plan” – only 3,600,000 results! Easy. But even if you’re a veteran and looking to drop some time on your next race, there ARE common themes amongst these programs that lend themselves well to integrating Fit Radio into the equation along the way!


How to Stick to Your Fitness Goals this Winter

By Bianca M,

The holiday season is upon us! A time of cheer, family & friends, and gorging ourselves until we feel sick. Temperatures are dropping making you less likely to head outside for a walk or run, and relatives are visiting which can raise stress levels and increase your cravings. To top it all off, calorie-laden foods like cookies, pies, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole – insert delicious fatty food here – are on the menu! And yet, we are expected to turn around on New Year’s Day, shove that winter weight into some spandex, and change everything? Fat chance – no pun intended.  We all have goals this time of year, set yourself up for success this winter with these 3 simple tips: More

3 Reasons Why You Hate Running

By Bianca M,

1. You’re doing it all wrong 

When most people think of running, they chalk it up in their minds to be this huge ordeal in which they should be huffing and puffing, bent over with hands on knees at every stop light, and drenched in sweat about 30 seconds in – sound familiar? In fact, this is the experience that a lot of people have. Why? Because they’re basically going out for a sprint, not a run.  More