Athleisure: Promoting Laziness or Promoting Wellness?

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So, there’s been an ever growing trend and it’s really about to go mainstream in 2k15, it’s called Athleisure (ath-leesure). Most of you already know what this is, and if you think you don’t, you will realize that a large majority of people (men and women) alike have been following the “new” trend for quite some time already. Athleisure is simply wearing athletic clothes in and outside of the gym. I, for one, love this. As a girl who feels super comfortable in flattering, tight black yoga pants and top long enough to cover the parts that matter, I obviously vote yes for the Athleisure movement. Not to mention, the simple act of just wearing “gym clothes” is a great motivator (I think) to be active and get a workout in. The trick to Athleisure, however, is to keep it fashionable, aka no butt cheeks peeking through those Lulu’s. What I’m saying is, you can’t just throw on your old (somewhat high water) circa 2005 Express yoga pants and call it a day. You’re still trying to coordinate, but there’s the option of wearing an elastic waistband instead of love handle confidence crushing matchstick skinny jeans.


Designers like Stella McCartney are jumping on the bandwagon. Check out her collab with Adidas (all day I dream about Stella?!)


and celebrities are even coming out with their own fitness apparel lines. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is pretty amazing:


Guys aren’t left out either, H&M partnered with Alexander Wang for an ultra high-fashion athleisure look for both men and women in November of 2014 and have been amping up their sportswear game ever since.

In my opinion, anything that even hints at motivating me to hit the gym is okay in my book.





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