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We recently launched a new iOS build and it features a spot where you can stay up to date on FIT Radio hotness aka “Buzz.” This is where we will send NEW mix suggestions catering to your personal listening preferences. Pretty freakin’ awesome, right? aerial maps

A Match(a) Made In Heaven

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Have you ever had a cup of coffee that gives you the perfect amount of even keel energy that’s free of erratic foot shaking, finger drumming and mindless rambling about your reason for liking Cocoa Puffs over Cocoa Pebbles (hello, they don’t get soggy 5 seconds after adding milk)? Coffee that just seems to effortlessly lift you up for a pleasant, perspiration-less extended period of time  and then gently places you down like a slow drifting cloud once it’s wondrous effects leave your system? No? That’s because that cup of coffee is a unicorn.

Believe me when I say that I love coffee and the time we spend together. It’s rich, nutty flavor and the crazy energy that comes with it are near and dear to my heart. That was before I met Matcha.

I love trying new, healthy alternatives and sharing results so when I started hearing/reading more and more positive feedback on Matcha and it’s side effects (or lack thereof), I had to order a Matcha Green Tea (ceremonial grade) set so I could try it!

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